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Portfolio companies and projects

A curated* list of portfolio projects I enjoyed working on the most

I founded three companies, played vital roles in six startups, and contributed to the success of eight companies. I operated in diverse leadership and technical roles, spanning hardware and software research and development in nine companies.


I have collaborated with many creative and talented people. Being surrounded by brilliant people and gifted people who know their craft and can succeed has been my goal since Nathan Kazaz opened my eyes to this philosophy. I have always thought that learning from others is immensely satisfying.

Greg Sullivan invented the FPGA-based deep packet inspection appliance. I owe him for introducing me to his mad scientist endeavors, often before their time. Together with Bill Edwards and Joe Leonard, we envisioned futuristic cybersecurity technologies. Many addressed federally sponsored whitepaper calls and cannot appear on this site. I enjoyed every day in the office with this cohort and will always remember them fondly.

Packman AI and VLSI 8-bit RISC CPU were not forged in my brain. These two graduate-level projects were long, challenging, and product-like in scope. We packaged and completed them to a level worthy of mentioning. I also immensely enjoyed working on them, and this is my site, so here we go, they are here. The Packman AI as a vehicle for teaching and its gaming infrastructure is due primarily to Dr. John DeNero and Dr. Dan Klein, both at Berkeley University. I just happened to be in the right class at the right time and lucky enough to join a team smarter than me. Our team members were Peng Li, Daniel Lazewatsky, and Steve Cole. Gang, working with you was a pleasure and intellectually stimulating. Interestingly, in 2024, as I updated my site, I noticed that all four team members are now doctors. This is something to consider for those who do not see the value of a good education. For more details about where Packman AI is now (if it was not eaten), click here.

The VLSI 8-bit RISC CPU is credited to the renowned Dr. Viktor Gruev. I wish I had more opportunities to work near his brilliance. He continuously makes new science in his Biosensors lab, and I highly recommend following his work.

Additional attributions appear on individual project pages. Please send me a note if there is a project that you believe should be credited to someone, and I will promptly correct that.

My guiding philosophy

I have done and will continue to do much because I enjoy it. Nevertheless, when my daughters were born, I realized that I was a family man before everything. I liked myself and my endeavors more afterward. The beautiful observation below by Paulo Coelho has since led me:

One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted to do.

* I selected projects in which I was involved from inception to launch.

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