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iDoor Device, Small export.jpeg

Get the Music you Want

The picture on the left shows the device we designed and built without its shell. The microphone is at 12:00 on the printed circuit board (PCB). When plugged into a computer, our software identified the audio snippets and matching songs shown to the user.

iDoor -- Get the Music You Want Story

The endeavor was only possible due to the kind hearts of Envision leaders Steve Lowy and David Jaenke, who hosted iDoor. Their unwavering hospitality paved the way for iDoor's journey and gave us the space and peace of mind to work, and I am profoundly grateful for having the opportunity to partner with them.

Huge thanks go to Dr. Bob Morley (the inventor of Square), who guided us in our electronic design. He was a dear friend I knew from Washington University in St. Louis before iDoor was established. Bob donated his genius and time to iDoor.

iDoor is not in operation, but you may read the investment brochure to learn about the idea behind the company.

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